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This is a collection of "I Love Lucy" sounds and video clips put together for your listening and viewing pleasure.  I hope you enjoy them.  [Note: Some files may take a considerable amount of time to download depending on the speed of your modem, also all files are Windows Media Player compatible.  If you don't have W.M.P click on the link and you can download it for free.]


Video Clips

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California Here We Come

Cielito Lindo

Friends of the Friendless

Lady in Red

"Isn't that a dily" - Lucy

Theme Song (lyrical)

Man Smart, Woman Smarter

The Waters of the Minnetonka (Lucy Style)

There's a Brand New Baby at our House

"Now Lucy" - Ricky

On My Way To Cuba

Theme Song (Instrumental)

Theme Song (Ending, Credits Version)


Tippie Tippie Toe (English tutor's song)

We're Having a Baby

 Video Clips

The "I Love Lucy" opening theme.

Lucy throws a book out the window when Ethel scares her

Ricky tells Lucy he thinks their boat is a jinx

Ethel tells Lucy that there's no room for them in her show

Lucy catches a piece of toast in mid-air

"That was pretty cool, huh man?"

Ricky tells Jerry he's going to get rid of Lucy

Lucy gets ready for her Italian debut.

Lucy thinks Ricky is lining up women to take her place.

Fred: "You should of thought of that before you married her."

Lucy: "Who do you think you are, me?"

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