Answer Key
This is the answer key for the Trivia Ouiz

1. What was the name of Ricky's College?

ANSWER: Havanna University

2. Instead of hostess pants, what did Ethel want for her birthday?

ANSWER: A Toaster

3. What was Ricky's last name on the marriage certificate?

ANSWER: Bacardi

4. While trying to get a job at a candy factory, what did Lucy say she was called earlier in her fictitious candy career?

ANSWER: The Big Dipper

5. In what episode of I Love Lucy did Lucy and Ethel bail the fellas out of jail?

ANSWER: Equal Rights

6. Without realizing what she is saying in Spanish, what does Lucy call Uncle Alberto?

ANSWER: A fat pig

7. How many cakes of yeast did Lucy put into her bread?

ANSWER: 13. (it was supposed to have been only 3)

8. When Lucy fakes illness to get into the show, where does the doctor say the gobloots came from?

ANSWER: The hind legs of the booshoo bird

9. What happened to Lucy's Bonus Buck?

ANSWER: She gave it to the grocery boy and he gave it to Ethel.

10. When did the Ricardo's apartment number change from 3-B to

ANSWER: On the "Lucy Tells the Truth" episode. This had NOTHING to do with a move. Lucy had a bet with the other three that she would not lie for 24 hours. Then, she got to an audition. She had to say that she had acting experience in order to audition, but she couldn't, she said that she had recently been in 3-D (as in a 3-dimensional film).
When asked about it, she said that, no, 3-D was her apartment number, but, at that time, their apartment number was really 3-B. From that show on, it was changed to 3-D.

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