Facts & Bloopers

These are interesting facts and bloopers about "I Love Lucy" episodes.




"The Girls Want To Go To A Nightclub"

The ending scene with the foursome at a boxing match, is shot in the sound stageís audience bleachers.

"Be A Pal"

Lucille Ball asked Carmen Miranda for permission to impersonate her before filming the comedy routine. Miss Miranda even showed up in the audience to watch her performance.

"The Diet"

This is the first episode in which Lucille utters her famous "spider" voice. The name comes from a radio commercial she did, playing Little Miss Muffet. When the commercial got to the part where the spider came down and sat down beside her, Lucille made that noise.

This it the first use of the name McGillicuddy as Lucyís maiden name. It was originally supposed to be Teitelbaum, but the writers decided that that might sound too Jewish.

"The Audition"

The TV bigwigs were played by "I Love Lucy" producer, Jess Oppenheimer and CBS vice president, Harry Ackerman.

"The Amateur Hour"

The boys playing the twins are not brothers - theyíre not even related!

"Breaking The Lease"

Lucy and Ricky grappling with the bedroom window is a situation taken from real life. Lucille liked to sleep with the windows open, while Desi preferred to sleep warmly.

"Men Are Messy"

The press agent was played by Kenny Morgan. At the time Kenny was married to Lucille Ballís cousin Cleo and was also Desiluís PR representative.


The Sedgwicks, Orsattis, Buzzells, and Willard Josephy were real-life friends of the Arnazes.

"Lucy Plays Cupid"

Bea Benaderet who plays Miss Lewis also appeared on Lucyís radio show "My Favorite Husband" was Lucyís first choice to play what eventually became the Ethel Mertz character.

"Lucy Writes A Play"

The stage manager was played by Maury Thompson whom was also the shows script clerk.

"Breaking The Lease"

This was the first Ricardo-Mertz fight.

"The Young Fans"

Richard Crenna who played "teenager" Arthur Morton was actually twenty-four when this episode was filmed.

"Fred And Ethel Fight"

During a dress rehearsal, stage manager Herb Browar played a practical joke on Lucille Ball. For the scene featuring Lucy in her cast lying in bed, he replaced the standard reading material with a very graphic anatomy book, opened to a page featuring a male specimen. Lucille took a long look at the page, threw a glance in the direction of Browar, and cracked up laughing.

"Pioneer Women"

The bread that Lucy and Ethel bake is real bread. Rye Bread to be exact (it lasts longer than wheat bread). The production staff had to find a bakery willing to make such a long loaf, that bakery was Union Made Bakery in Los Angeles, CA.

After the show was filmed, the entire audience was invited onstage to have a piece of that huge bread loaf with butter.

"The Moustache"

This was the first instance of Vivian Vance and William Frawley doing a song-and-dance act in the show.

"The Marriage License"

According to ARB, this was the first TV show to be seen in 10 million U.S. homes.

Desi Arnaz is related to the Bacardi Rum business on his motherís side; his grandfather was a founder.

"Cuban Pals"

The filming of this episode would become a major plot theme in the movie, "The Mambo Kings" (1992). In that film, the main characters are Cuban Pals. Footage from this episode is used with matching footage of the filmís actors. Desi Arnaz, Jr. hauntingly portrays his father in the film, which is full of historical errors concerning "I Love Lucy."

"Lucy Does A TV Commercial"

Apple pectin was used for the Vitameatavegamin liquid.

"Job Switching"

This was one of Lucille Ballís favorite "I Love Lucy" episodes.

"The Saxophone"

When the writers first dreamed up this episode, Lucille Ball was asked if she could play. Her response was "No, but give me a week." By the time rehearsals started she knew enough to get by.

"The Anniversary Present"

Grace Foster worked at Joseff Jewelry company which was a real jewelry company located in Burbank, California, that supplied jewelry for movies and TV shows.

"The Handcuffs"

Director Marc Daniels worked out these handcuff routines with his wife (and "I Love Lucy" camera coordinator) Emily, before instructing Lucille and Desi.

"The Operetta"

According to Newsweek (1/19/53), this was the first episode that Little Lucie Arnaz was allowed to stay up and watch.


The character named Dan Jenkins, who was played by Hans Conried, was a favorite write of Lucy and Desiís, first with the Hollywood Reporter and then with TV Guide.

This episode was prompted by Lucille Ball who said she just got tired of the old furniture.

"Lucy Is Enciente"

A local priest, rabbi, and minister were brought in as consultants to assure producers et al. that there was nothing objectionable about the pregnancy installments.

"Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable"

While trying to agree on a name for the baby and at the end of the episode Lucy sobs, "You havenít even mentioned little Robert or Madelyn." Robert and Madelyn referred to Robert G. Carrol, Jr. and Madelyn Pugh, the two talented "Lucy" scribes.

"Ricky Has Labor Pains"

The final scene has Lucy eating a hot fudge sundae with sardines. Mashed potatoes and gravy are substituted as look-alikes for the ice cream and hot fudge, but sardines are actually used, which Lucille Loathes.

"Lucy Goes To The Hospital"

It was mentioned that Lucyís doctor was Joe Harris which also happened to be Lucille Ballís real life physician.

This is Desi Arnazís favorite episode.

The scene where Ricky is singing in his voodoo costume is shot the following week, because there is not enough space to have the Tropicana Club set up on the sound stage due to the hospital scenery.

"The Inferiority Complex"

The character name Dr. Henry Molin was in reference to Henry Molin an "I Love Lucy" film editor.

"The Club Election"

Jerry Hausner provided the baby cries in the scene introducing the flashback, for which he was paid a hundred dollars.

"Ricky And Fred Are TV Fans"

Lucyís number is given as Murray Hill 6-9975. This will change from time to time as the scripters use phone numbers that New York Bell Telephone advises are not in service.

"The Girls Go Into Business"

This episode was filmed on the night of the Ďred scareí incident.

"Fan Magazine Interview"

The character name Eleanor Harris was actually a real magazine writer who wrote about Lucy and Desi as far back as 1940.

"Bonus Bucks"

Such contests like this episode, proliferated in the 1950's, usually under the name "Lucky Bucks." However, Desiluís contract with sponsor Philip Morris precluded them from ever using the word "lucky," the name of a competing cigarette.

"Lucy Writes A Novel"

Lucy received a hundred-dollar advance from Dorrance & Company publishers which is a genuine publisher based in Philadelphia.

"Mertz And Kurtz"

Desi Arnaz worked out with weights before the shoot to make his biceps pop when he flexed them during the "They Go Wild Over Me" musical number.

"First Stop"

This episode was the first time the "I Love Lucy" crew ventured out of the studio to film location footage.

"L.A. At Last!"

The putty nose routine was Lucille Ballís favorite comedy bit.

The dessert that was dumped on William Holden was actually applesauce.

Bill Shermanís secretary was played by Dani Sue Nolen, "I Love Lucy" director Bill Asherís wife.

"The Hedda Hopper Story"

Hy Averback whom played Johnny couldn't swim, so in the scene where Lucy pushes him into the pool after he signals the false alarm for Hedda Hopper, was filmed in the shallow end. They also used a powder on top of the water to help prevent the glare.

"Don Juan Is Shelved"

M-G-Mís Dore Schary was suppose to play himself but backed out at the last moment. Vivian Vanceís then-husband, Phil Ober stepped in.

"The Star Upstairs"

Notice the bandage on Lucyís face after she falls out of the upstairs balcony; this is a rare example where Lucille Ball Actually is injured doing physical comedy.

"The Tour"

The exterior shots when Lucy and Ethel got off the tour bus included Lucille Ballís home, where a similar wall surrounds her property.

"Lucy And John Wayne"

The scene where Little Ricky plays in the wet cement had to be reshot after the audience went home because the little Mayer boy playing the part didnít want to ruin his new shoes. Heís promised a new pair to get him to play in the cement.

"Rickyís European Booking"

In exchange for publicizing one of itís ships (the U.S.S. Constitution), the company pays $12,000 toward set cots, donating such items as uniforms, deck chairs, and life preservers, and provides technical assistance to the Desilu crew.

"Lucyís Bicycle Trip"

They used honey as "goat nip" for the scene where Lucy is awakened by a goat in the barn.

"Return Home From Europe"

The propman had rented the musical instruments from Ellis Mercantile Company in Hollywood and then spent all day on April 6, 1956 getting the cheese out of them before returning them to the rental company.

"Lucy and Bob Hope"

Due to Bob Hopeís busy performing schedule, he could not memorize his lines so he had to rely on cue cards held by propman Jerry Miggins, who also had the dubious job of throwing the baseball that hits Hope on the noggin.

"Visitor From Italy"

When Lucille throws the pizza dough over her head, she finds she has to suck out an air hole in the dough immediately because she has trouble breathing.

"Deep Sea Fishing"

The oversized fish in this episode are real. They were purchased at Fishermanís Wharf in San Francisco, and then flown down to Hollywood in childrenís-sized coffins packed with ice.

"Lucy And The Loving Cup"

There are actually tiny holes in the decorative flowing of the metallic loving cup so claustrophobic Lucille can see where she is going and not feel ill at ease.

"Lucy Does The Tango"

The tango/eggs routine was not rehearsed with real eggs because Lucille Ball wanted the experience to be fresh when the cameras rolled; hard-boiled eggs were used for the run-throughs.

The tango/eggs routine resulted in the longest laugh ever recorded on "I Love Lucy"--65 seconds.

"Lucy Raises Tulips"

Notice Lucyís scene on the runaway lawn mower. The film is speeded up and the sound is overdubbed to give the impression that she is moving much faster than she is.

"The Ricardos Dedicate A Statue"

Desi Arnaz, Jr. is featured in the last scene, standing in front of Vivian Vance.

"Lucy Goes To Sun Valley"

A double was used for the scene depicting Lucy skiing. It was a good thing for Lucille Ball because the double wound up with a broken leg!

Arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) was Desi Arnazís favorite dish.

Lucille Ball once dislocated her shoulder doing an apache dance at age twelve for a Masonic musical revue.

An extra cushion is inserted under the love seat cushion whenever the script calls for Ricky to sit down. Desi had been troubled because when he sat down next to her on the set, Lucille looked taller. This cushion also made it easier for Desi to get up and down gracefully on his specially built shoes with their lifts.

When Elvis Presley was on tour in 1954, he always enjoyed watching "I Love Lucy."

The movie "Mame" came from a book, and was made into a movie in 1957 with Rosalind Russell portraying Mame Dennis. Lucy remade the movie in 1973. She thought her performance was so good in the movie, that she expected to receive an academy award for it. Lucy was terribly hurt when the movie opened to bad reviews, and was never considered for an award.

In every "I Love Lucy" episode, Lucy wore a butterfly clip in her hair that she got from her Grandmother. If the clip did not fit with the costume she would wear it on a piece of clothing or on her handbag.

Nick At Night erroneously refers to the "Christmas Episode" as one which Desi Arnaz didn't like and that's why it's not included in syndication. Not true... Desi did not want the Christmas episode included in syndication because it would look foolish for the episode to be shown at different times during the year and not just at Christmas.

After Lucy and Desi purchased RKO, Lucy took Ginger Rogersí dressing room. It was Ginger's room when Lucy was merely an RKO contract player. Lucy redecorated the room in yellow and white (her favorite colors.)

Lucy tried out for the part of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind."


"Pilot Episode"

Right before Ricky gets up, a shadow quickly passes by the dresser in front of his bed.

"Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her"

When Lucy and Ricky are dancing you can see part of the bedroom at the left side of the screen.

You can see one camera photographing another as Ricky writes at his desk.

You can see Lucy purposely drop the frying pan she was using to protect her from Ricky.

When Ricky writes down the names of the dogs he lists them as: Ann, Mary, Helen, Cynthia, Alice and Theodore, but when Lucy reads the list out loud she reads it as: Helen, Ann, Mary, Cynthia, Alice and Theodore.

When Ricky slips the Mickey to Lucy, the drinks are switched several times, but in the end, itís Ricky who ends up with the Mickey.

"The Girls Want To Go To A Nightclub"

The Mertzes celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary but in "The Courtroom," the Mertzes celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. In "Ricky Minds The Baby," the Mertzes mention they are married 23 years. In an earlier episode, "Vacation From Marriage," Ethel says "he hasnít varied 5 minutes in 22 years." Then in the following scene, Fred says that "after 25 years of marriage."

"Be a Pal"

Richard J. Reeves plays Hank in this episode, but then reappears as a neighbor, then an electrician.

Where does Lucy get the money to pay for the elaborate props and costumes used in this and subsequent shows?

Itís revealed the Ricky has five brothers. Theyíre never referred to again.

"The Diet"

You can hear Desiís pianist, Marco Rizo, refer to Ricky as Desi when he passes by.

This is the one and only appearance of the Mertzes dog Butch.

"The Quiz Show"

Whatís the purpose of the physical comedy in this episode when no one on the radio is able to see the action?

The bum on the Mertzes porch walks off it as if it were the first floor. Later episodes will reveal that the Mertzes live on the third floor.

"The Audition"

When Buffo the Clown checks his breaks, he smashes in Lucy's kitchen door, but when the episode ends the door is not broken.

"The Seance"

You can see the shadows of the production staff on the walls in the background.

"The Fur Coat"

When Ricky faints while holding the fake fur you can briefly see where the stage ends with a step down.

This is the only time where Lucy claims not to know the date of hers and Rickyís wedding anniversary. This will change in future episodes. Some years he will know and some years he wonít. The Mertzes have similar selective amnesia. One year theyíll throw the Ricardos a party while the next they will have no idea when the date falls.

"Lucy Is Jealous Of Girl Singer"

Appears to have been mistitled. Rosemary was clearly a "girl dancer," not a "girl singer."

"The Adagio"

The French dancer uses a ladder to climb to the Ricardos window. That must be some ladder since the Ricardos are on the 4th floor.

"The Benefit"

Itís quite unusual that Ethel is a member of a club to which Lucy does not belong. This will change in future episodes.

"The Amateur Hour"

Itís established that the Ricardosí New York City address is 623 East 68th St. If this were true, the building would be located in the middle of the East River.

"Lucy Play Cupid"

Where does Lucy get the 25 children she has hidden in her bedroom?

"Lucy Fakes Illness"

Ricky claims that he and Lucy have been living in the Mertzes building for 5 years. In later episodes it was nines years, then the exact date, August 6, 1948. By 1954 it had suddenly leaped to 12 years.

"Breaking The Lease"

Ethel plays such songs as Sweet Sue on the piano but in "Lucyís Club Dance," Ethel definitely canít play the piano. In "Ragtime Band," Ethel canít play the piano there either but in "Lucy Meets The Mustache," Ethel plays the piano accompaniment for Edieís song.

"The Ballet"

Fred mentions his ex-vaudeville partner was Ted Kurtz but in "Mertz and Kurtz," his ex-vaudeville partner changed to Barney Kurtz.

When Lucy's girdle falls off, you can see her untie it from behind!

"Young Fans"

Peggy startles Ricky which makes him spill coffee on his suit. He manages to leave the kitchen and when he returns to the living room the coffee is no longer on his jacket.

"Fred And Ethel Fight"

Fred says that Ethel has gone home to her mother but in a later episode her father is featured as a widow.

"The Gossip"

Ricky mentions that Bill and Grace Foster lived in 3-B but later in "The Anniversary Present," they lived in 2-A.

Fred says that Grace Foster is a blonde, but in the "Anniversary Present," you can clearly see that she is not a blonde.

Robert Jellison appears as the Milkman. Later when the gang goes to Hollywood he returns as the bellboy, Bobby....Does he have a twin??

"Pioneer Women"

Lucy says her grandmother was Swedish, but in "Lucy Goes To Scotland" her ancestors were Scottish.

When the bread pops out of the oven, it is on a rack three times as long as the oven is deep.

"The Marriage License"

Lucy and Ricky drive a car to Connecticut to "renew" their vows but when the Ricardos and Mertzes gets ready to go to Hollywood, they state that they'd never had a car before.

Elizabeth Patterson whom played Mrs. Willoughby (Mother) was later hired to play the recurring role of Mrs. Trumbull and Irving Bacon whom played Mr. Willoughby (Father) will later be seen as Ethelís father in "Ethelís Home Town."

"The Kleptomaniac"

Where did Lucy get that elephant she has in the apartment?

"Cuban Pals"

Ricky makes a few mistakes while translating Lucyís English into Spanish, but he recovers it wonderfully.

"Lucy Does A TV Commercial"

When Ricky is singing, you can see Lucy standing in the apartment setup, watching.

After Lucy gets out, the curtain is on top of the TV and Desi promptly pushes it down. In the next scene the curtain is back up again.

Jerry, Ricky's agent, shows up as Joe in this episode.

When Lucy is drunkenly still rehearsing her commercial, you can hear Desi Arnaz laughing hysterically in the background.

"The Publicity Agent"

When Ricky enters the Waldorf suite as "Tiger," heís wearing special platform shoes that elevated him more than six inches.

"Ricky Asks For A Raise"

Lucy, Fred, and Ethel make seventy-five bogus reservations under various names and disguises for Xavier Valdezís opening and when they learn Ricky Ricardo isnít playing there anymore they leave. When Lucy, Fred, and Ethel show up for a reservation of 12 theyíre seated at a table set up for 4.

"Job Switching"

When Lucy scratches her nose you can see chocolate on it, but after she catches the fly the chocolate is gone.

"The Saxophone"

Lucy claims to only know how to play "Glow Worm" but in "Ragtime Band," she claims to only know "Sweet Sue".

"The Handcuffs"

When Lucy and Ricky went into the bedroom to get ready for bed, Ricky took off his tie, but when they got up the next morning his tie was still on.

"The Operetta"

The men are taking the props. When they start to take Ricky, you can see one of the peasant girls waiting to run out as if the men were chasing her.

"Vacation From Marriage"

When Lucy and Ethel are stuck up on the roof, Lucy tries to get the attention of the neighbor across the street by throwing a rock at her window. The first rock is supposed to miss and fall a couple stories to the street, but right after she tosses it you can see it bounce.

"The Courtroom"

Lucy and Ricky came down the stairs to the Mertzes apartment, but when Fred goes up to the Ricardos to kick in their TV, they leave to the right in the opposite direction.


When Ricky wants to check out what Lucy and Ethel have done you can see Fred waiting in the hallway to come in for his scene.

If Lucy won 5 rooms of furniture, why are only two delivered in the next episode?

"Ricky Loses His Voice"

When Ricky tells pianist Marco Rizo to "call Lucy and tell her Iíll be home right away" he slips and says "Okay, Des" in stead of "Okay, Ricky."

"Lucyís Show Biz Swan Song"

You can see Lucy untying her dress to make her pants fall down.

"Lucy Hires An English Tutor"

The tutor changes the tune of "Tippy Tippy Toe" each time he performs it.

"Ricky Has Labor Pains"

Lucy is reading McCall Magazine where on the cover "I Love Lucy" is mentioned.

"Sales Resistance"

Fred buys a new Handy Dandy Washing Machine for Ethel but thirteen episodes later in "Never Do Business With Friends," the Ricardos sell their old washing machine to the Mertzes.

Lucy says that the handy-dandy kitchen helper costs $7.98, but later in the episode, she says that it costs $7.95.

"The Club Election"

Caroline Applebyís name was actually Lillian Appleby first but then was changed to Caroline in later episodes.

"The Black Eye"

The florist puts in some gladiolas with the roses, but when Lucy opens them later, the only thing in the box are the roses.

"No Children Allowed"

Ethel makes reference to that "old Mrs. Trimble who lives upstairs," not Mrs. Trumbull.

"The Indian Show"

Notice when Ethel scares Lucy, they dislodge the sofa cushions, yet in the next moment, they are sitting on the couch with cushions back in place.

"Lucy Wants New Furniture"

Notice that when Lucy runs through the Mertzesí apartment, it is not their normal set but just a corner mock-up.

"The Camping Trip"

Ethel knew how to drive but in "Lucy Learns To Drive," Ethel asks Lucy to teach her how to drive.

"Rickyís Life Story"

Lucy and Ethel are looking at the pictures of Ricky in Life Magazine. When they show the picture of Ricky in the kitchen cooking Lucy says "and hereís Ricky making arroz con pollo", to which Ethel says, " Iíve seen him like that a million times." Yet in "Job Switching," look at the mess he made making dinner.

"Lucy And Ethel Buy The Same Dress"

Ethelís middle name is Louise but in "The Million-Dollar Idea," Ethelís middle name changed to Roberta, then in "Ethelís Home Town," it became Mae.

"Equal Rights"

Notice when Ethel kisses Fred. Ethelís portrayer Vivian personally dislikes her cantankerous coplayer so much she never even touches him with her lips.

"Lucy Tells The Truth"

The Ricardos apartment number was changed from 3-B to 3-D to fulfill a joke about "3-D".

"Redecorating The Mertzes Apartment"

After the feather fiasco, Lucy and Ethel are in the Ricardo's living room, you can see a feather float down from above the set!

Lucy says to Ricky "Letís paint the furniture and reupholster the old furniture," instead of "Letís paint the apartment and reupholster the old furniture."

"Too Many Crooks"

When the girls tell Fred which way the REAL Madam X went, Fred runs the opposite way, which would take him right out Lucy's living room window!

Lucy has a little trouble with her dialog, saying, "Ricky, have you seen your silvo-silver cigarette case?"

"The Million-Dollar Idea"

When Ricky adds up all the ingredients for the salad dressing the total comes to $8.31, but it actually should add up to $8.51.

Lucy gets sacks of mail orders only hours after being on television.

"Ricky Minds The Baby"

While Lucy is pacing in the Mertzes living room she is wearing a pair of shoes with a "V" back line, but in the next scene sheís wearing a different pair.

During Desiís reciting of "Little Red Riding Hood" in Spanish, he makes a mistake and begins to thank the wolf instead of the hunter.

After Ricky tells the story he later says to Lucy that he never heard "A mice giggle so loud". But she never really made any noise when she laughed, all she did was smile.

"Ricky Loses His Temper"

Notice Lucyís pronunciation of tomato juice. Lucille Ball says it "tomahto," and catches herself in midsentence.

"Home Movies"

Lucy claims to have been in a Hollywood studio during the "western" sequence but in later episodes, she will claim her visit to Hollywood in 1954 is the first.

"Bonus Bucks"

Ricky bought Lucy a new washer and dryer in "Never Do Business With Friends" so why is she sending pajamas out to the laundry?

"Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation"

When Freddy Fillmore asked Ethel & Fred whose mother she was, they said she was Ethel's mom. Ethel's last name was Potter. When Freddy told everyone that Mother Mertz was sick, it should have been Mother Potter.

"Lucyís Club Dance"

The actual Roseland Ballroom is located on the west side of Manhattan, completely across town from where the Ricardos live and where their neighborhood newsstand would be located.

"Tennessee Ernie Visits"

When Ricky is explaining to Lucy how they are going to let Ernie find the ticket in the hallway, Ricky imitates Ernie finding the ticket and bends down to pick it up. The camera goes down too, and if you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see a cord running across the floor.

"The Golf Game"

When they are about to play, Lucy gets to go first because she was second from the top. But when Lucy and Ethel played Jimmy DeMarit, he went first because he was fourth down from the top.

"The Sublease"

Ricky tells everyone that now with the Maine booking canceled, they will be spending the summer in Del Mar, California, but next season the Ricardos will claim to have never been in California before when they hit Hollywood.

"Lucy Cries Wolf"

The ledge outside her window is pretty wide, but in "Lucy & Superman," it seems to have shrunk in size.

A neighbor calls and tells Ricky that Lucy is out on the window ledge. Ricky then tells Fred and Ethel that she's out there by writing something on a piece of paper, but he didn't write enough to tell who told him that Lucy was out there, so only he knew who called. Later when he closes the window and Lucy comes in, they say that they knew she was out there,and Ethel says who called and told them, but Ricky was the only one who knew who called.

"Mr. And Mrs. TV Show"

Notice that Bill Frawley sings the wrong lyrics to the Phipps commercial jingle the second time they are done.

"Lucyís Mother-In-Law"

Listen for the uh-oh during the scene where Lucy offers her Spanish speaking guests a "Philip(e) Morris(a)." Itís Lucilleís mother DeDe Ball uttering this loud reaction.

"Getting Ready"

Lucy gives the used car salesman the phone number Murry Hill 59099, but in "Ethel's Hometown," she uses the same number to call her mom.

Fred drives off to the right in the Cadillac, and the camera follows him. You can see far down the street and part of the audience!

Itís true that traveling in the back seat saves the Mertzes the price of travel tickets, but what about food and motel costs and the price of their Beverly Hills Accommodation hotel once they reach the West Coast?

"Lucy Learns to Drive"

You can see a cable pulling the car when Ethel steps on the gas.

"California, Here We Come"

Mrs. MacGillicuddy says she is going to take her book to Dory Schary, but in "Don Juan Is Shelved," Mrs. MacGillicuddy repeatedly asks "Who's Dory Schary?"

"First Stop"

Before Lucy gets out of the car to read the sign about the pecan pralines, her coat is white. When sheís running to the sign itís black and when she gets back into the car itís white again.

When the bed moves back and forth you can see a track or wire on the floor moving the bed along.

Fred and Ethel claim to have a bed just like it at home; yet in "Vacation From Marriage" the Mertzes have double beds.

"Ethelís Home Town"

Irving Bacon who played Ethelís father was only eight years older than Vivian Vance and seventeen years younger than William Frawley.

When the photographer took the picture of Ethel and the gang her hands were folded, but when the picture was printed in the newspaper her hands were in a prayer form.

"The Hedda Hopper Story"

Notice Rickyís explanation of the time change between New York and Los Angeles. He actually is wrong and Mrs. McGillicuddy is right.

"Bullfight Dance"

Notice that Ricky calls the pianist "Marco"; did the Ricky Ricardo Orchestra also come to California?

"The Star Upstairs"

Bobby spills coffee down the side of the breakfast cart which stains the cloth. In several scenes later the stain appears to have dried, but reappears in the next.

"Palm Springs"

When Lucy is pointing at the four of them and saying their names aloud she says the wrong names for each of them.

"The Dancing Star"

When Lucille Fumbles her line "I danced with Van," watch how her stomach contracts in laughter. Desi covers her mistake and her laughing by ad-libbing, "Vance with Dance? What is that?"

Lucy is in the dressing room getting ready when she accidentally calls Ethel "Viv."

"Ricky Needs An Agent"

The statue that Ricky picks up to mangle starts to bend before he gets both his hands on it.

Everyone claims that Ricky doesn't have an agent. What happened to Jerry??

Lucy makes reference to the time they had been handcuffed together for 48 hours; actually, is had only been 24 hours.

"The Tour"

Lucy and Ethel get off the bus to get a grape fruit off of Richard Widmarkís tree but when the bus pulled away it shows them still on the bus.

"Lucy Visits Graumanís"

The Mertzes hotel room is on the left side of the hall, but in "Ricky Sells The Car," the door is on the right side.

Notice that while Lucyís foot is in cement, she lets it dangle completely off the chaise she is lying on. The weight of real cement would have snapped her foot off.

"Lucy And John Wayne"

When Ethel barges in saying "Have you seen the morning paper?!", something flies out of Lucy's hand!

"Lucy And The Dummy"

Lucy calls Fred and Ethel into her room to see her idea for using a dummy of Ricky at a studio party. Fred comes in with a napkin around in his shirt and is holding a chicken leg. When Lucy finishes her dance with the dummy, Fred doesn't have either the napkin or the chicken leg.

"Ricky Sells The Car"

Immediately after Fred backs the motorcycle into the wall, the camera follows the tire rolling out in front of Ricky and Lucy. On the far right of the screen you can see another cameraman.

Notice in the motorcycle scene, that the sound of crashes comes before the cycle is actually out of sight, and that some of Fredís dialog is looped (re-recorded) and doesnít match his lip movements.

The Mertzes hotel room is different from the one we saw in the episode "Lucy Visits Graumanís."

"The Passports"

According to the Postal Service, there is no West Jamestown, New York where Lucy learns she was born.

Pianist Marco Rizo once again calls Ricky, "Desi."

"The Fox Hunt"

As soon at Lucy gets on the horse, the horn blows and the horse takes off. As it takes off, in between some bushes, you can see someone pulling the horse.

"Paris At Last"

Ethel says she bought a bag when she went shopping. It was a leopard print document case, but in "The Passports," when Lucy goes to visit Helen Kaiser, Lucy is carrying that very same bag.

The Desilu prop department made an error by placing a bottle of California wine on the table in the sidewalk café scene.

"Lucy's Italian Movie"

When Vittorio Phillipe asks Lucy if "she's ever considered acting," he mouths the line "Has she ever considered acting!?" along with everyone else even though it's not his line. -- Thanks Sandy

"Lucy And Bob Hope"

In the routine for "Nobody Loves The Ump," Lucy gets her cleats stuck in the new floor section so she has squares on the bottom of her shoes. Right after the routine ends, the tile squares suddenly disappear from her feet.

"Little Ricky Learns To Play The Drums"

Notice in the bathroom scene that although Lucy has taken off her false eyelashes to wash her face, when she emerges into the living room they have magically reappeared.

"Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright"

Little Ricky is scared to play his drums in front of an audience but two episodes before Little Ricky doesn't even know how to play.

"Visitor From Italy"

Notice the dough being pushed through a machine to flatten it. While this is common in Los Angeles pizza restaurants of the era, it would never be found in a real New York pizzeria.

"The Ricardos Visit Cuba"

While Ricky and Little Ricky were performing, Uncle Alberto crushes his hat, but in the next scene it is back to normal.

"Little Rickyís School Pageant"

If Little Ricky is in kindergarten, how does Lucy know who appeared in the pageant the year before?

"I Love Lucy Christmas Show"

When the gang is reminiscing about old times, Fred turns on the lights on the tree and within 10 seconds, they pop back off. Pay attention to Lucy during this scene, she deliberately pulls the plug on the tree, causing the lights to pop off. She covers up by laughing.

"Lucy And Superman"

Technically Little Ricky was only four not five, since he was born on January 19, 1953.

"Little Ricky Gets A Dog"

The no-pets-allowed clause in the Mertz apartment house apparently didnít affect the Mertzes in "The Diet" where we see their dog, Butch or Mrs. Trumbull whose cat was mentioned on at least one occasion.

Notice the Ricardosí bedroom where there used to be a window next to Rickyís bed, there is now a wall lamp. Desilu has changed filming locations, and somebody is "asleep at the switch" when they rebuild the set.

You can hear an audience member say "she beat him to it, see?" when Lucy thinks she's woken up before Ricky has so she can get out of telling Little Ricky he can't keep his pet dog.

"Lucy Wants to Move To The Country"

When Lucy, Fred, and Ethel dress up as gangsters to try to get the deposit back, there is a Grandfather clock by the front door and there are plates on the fireplace mantel. When the Ricardos actually move in, the spot where the clock was is empty, but a few episodes later, the same Grandfather clock is back next to the front door, and the same plates are back up on the fireplace mantel.

"Lucy Hates To Leave"

According to the clock itís 2 in the morning and Ricky cannot sleep. After Lucy reassures him, he puts out his cigarette and goes to sleep. In the next scene, now Lucy canít sleep and the clock shows that itís 3 in the morning, but you can still see the cigarette smoldering in the ashtray.

"Lucy Misses The Mertzes"

Fred takes a bite of an apple out of the fruit basket, but when the Ricardos notice and a close-up is shown, itís an orange.

"Lucy Raises Chickens"

Ethel goes into the kitchen to find the baby chicks and you can see the washer and dryer, but in the other shows when they are in the kitchen you can see the washer and dryer in a room off to the side leading to the outdoors.

Notice when Little Ricky enters the living room from outside. A manís arm can plainly be seen opening the door and pushing him in.

"Ragtime Band"

Notice that when Ricky gets home, the grandfather clock on the Ricardosí living room set still shows noon; someone forgot to reset it.

"Lucyís Night In Town"

Fred claims to be carrying $500 after collecting the monthly rents for the apartment building. There are at least nine apartments in the building, so Fred is either charging $50 per month or many tenants are late with the rent.

"Lucy Hunts Uranium"

Lucy, Ricky, Fred, Ethel, and Fred McMurray are racing each other to get to the claim office to turn in uranium. Fred and Ethel are driving a Cadillac Convertible from 1925....didn't they get rid of that in "Lucy Learns To Drive"??

"Lucy Goes To Alaska"

One of the times Lucy falls off the hammock, she throws the blankets and pillows back on but in the next scene the whole hammock is made up beautifully with everything arranged properly.

"The Ricardos Go To Japan"

Lucy is determined to buy herself a real pearl necklace but in "The Anniversary Present" Ricky surprises Lucy with a real pearls.

The Ricardos phone number seemed to change a lot. First it was, Murray Hill 5-9975, then it became Circle 7-2099, and then again to Murray Hill 5-9099. The reason for this was to ensure that fans would not call the number and actually get a hold of someone.

The backstairs off the Ricardos kitchen, something common to older apartment buildings in Los Angeles would never be found in a New York apartment. Neither would an electric oven or a garbage disposal.

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