Lucy Fanatic!
You Know You're A Lucy Fanatic If....

....You insist that your husband only yell at you in Spanish.

....You name your children or pets Lucy, Ricky, Fred or Ethel.

....You legally change your name to Ricardo, MacGillicuddy, or Mertz.

....You drive a 1955 Pontiac convertible.

....You buy a saxophone but only tlearn to play "Glow Worm" on it.

....You dream about eating at The Brown Derby.

....You visit California just to see John Wayne's bootprints.

....You compare your current situations to "I Love Lucy" episodes.

....You convert your upstairs into a fascimile of the Ricardo's apartment.

....You search for a stock called Canadian Allied Petroleum (Can All Pet) to buy.

....You buy all your clothes at Gimble's basement.

....You insist on calling your best friend Ethel.

....You pay your landlady to stay 20 pounds overweight, and to come into your apartment unannounced, without knocking, at any time.

....You plan your vacations according to where the Ricardos have been.

....You learn to play bongos so you can entertain your friends with your version of "Babalu."

....You learn to play bridge so you can play it every week with your neighbors.

....You recite entire dialogue from your favorite "I Love Lucy" episodes.

....You call your club the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League, even though you meet on Tuesday nights and it has nothing to do with art.

....You make 5 consecutive trips on the Staten Island Ferry.

....You insist your spouse name his new business "The Tropicana" or "Club Babalu" even though it's not a nightclub.

....You stick your head in a loving cup just to see how it feels.

....The only colors in your house are pink, grey, white and black.

....You smuggle henna back from a foreign place and dye your hair red.

....You own a mink coat and a strand of real pearls that were made in Japan.

....You search the world for a real Handy Dandy Kitchen Helper.

....You start or join an "I Love Lucy" mailing list.

....You book a cruise to Cuba.

....You replace your neighbors tulips with wax ones.

....You tape "I Love Lucy" every time it comes on, even though you already have 3 copies of every episode.

....Your license plate reads: LUVLUCY.

....You wear only 50's style clothing.

....Instead of showing home movies to friends, you show episodes of "I Love Lucy."

....During a natural disaster you save your kids, important papers, AND your "Lucy" memorabilia.

....A corner of your bedroom is reserved for your "Lucy" collection.

....You call your babysitter Mrs. Trumbull.

....You hold a seance on Halloween, and dress up as Medium Raya.

....You make a list of every song ever sung on "I Love Lucy."

....You compile a list of every book ever written about "I Love Lucy" or its cast.

....You find out the birth and death dates of everyone who's ever appeared on "I Love Lucy."

....You maintain a list of bloopers discovered on "I Love Lucy."

....You scan all the "Lucy" material you can get your hands on for timeline dates.

....You join Ballet Magnificat just to be near Little Ricky.

....You sign everyone's memory or year book: "Love, Lucy"

....You make an I Love Lucy website.

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