Modern Conveniences
Just think if Lucy and the gang had some of today's modern conveniences. Their lives would have been so different and
a lot of their problems would have been solved.

In "Be A Pal," if only Lucy had a CD player, her attempt to make Ricky feel like he was back in Cuba while lip syncing to "Mama Yo Quiero" would have worked.

In "Redecorating," if Lucy had a cellular phone she could have gone to the Broadway premiere without having to worry about missing her winning telephone call from the Home Show.

In "Lucy Is Matchmaker," if Lucy had call waiting she would never have gotten in all that trouble with Eddie Grant by missing the phone call from Sylvia Collins. Instead she was gabbing away to Marion, and by the time Sylvia finally called Ethel in desperation, it was too late to reach Eddie to cancel.

In "Ricky's Old Girl Friend," if Ricky had a remote control, the knob on the television set wouldn't have broken off so the gang never would have played that silly magazine quiz and Lucy never would have heard about Carlotta Romero.

In "Oil Wells," if Lucy had a hand-held tape recorder to tape the details of a possible shady oil deal the gang made with the neighbors, then she wouldn't have had to hide a microphone in her lapel with a cord running down her pant leg, extending into the hall where Ethel was hiding with a recorder.

In "Lucy Writes A Novel," if Lucy had a computer and printer she wouldn't have had to type her novel three times ( the first copy she tore up and the second copy wasn't neat enough).

In "Ricky's Screen Test," Ricky had to sit by the phone so he wouldn't miss the call from Hollywood with the results of his screen test. When he finally left the house he had to rely on Lucy to take the call and things got all screwed up. If he'd had an answering machine he wouldn't have had to worry.

In "The Fashion Show," Lucy could have gone to a tanning salon and received a perfectly timed tan instead of lying in the sun and getting burnt to a crisp for her modeling assignment at the Don Loper Salon.

In "Harpo Marx," poor Caroline Appleby had to go around half blind, missing all those phony star sightings after Lucy stole her glasses, but if she had worn contact lenses Lucy would have had to be a little bit more crafty.

If the gang had a VCR (and Blockbuster) and they could have relieved some of the boredom of those awful bridge games by renting a movie once in awhile.
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