Fred's Filmography

Lord Loveland Discovers America | as Tony Kidd

Fancy That

Hell and High Water | as Milton J. Bunsey
Miss Fane’s Baby Is Stolen | as Captain Murphy
Moonlight and Pretzels | as Mack

Bolero | as Mike DeBaere
Here Is My Heart | as James Smith
Shoot the Works | as Larry Hale
The Crime Doctor | as Fraser
The Lemon Drop Kid | as The Professor
The Witching Hour | as Jury Foreman

Alibi Ike | as Cap
Car 99 | as Sergeant Barrel
College Scandal | as Chief of Police Magoun
Hermony Lane | as E.P. "Ed" Christy
Hold ‘Em Yale | as Sunshine Joe
Roberta (uncredited) | as Bartender
Ship Cafe | as Briney O'Brien
Welcome Home | as Painless

Desire | as Mr. Gibson
F-Man | as Hogan
It's a Great Life | as Lt. McNulty
Rose Bowl | as Soapy Moreland
Strike Me Pink | as Mr. Copple
The General Died at Dawn | as Mr. Brighton
The Princess Comes Across | as Benton
Three Cheers for Love | as Milton Shakespeare
Three Married Men | as Bill Mullins

Blossoms on Broadway | as Frances X. Rush
Double or Nothing | as Pederson
High, Wide and Nothing | as Mac
River of Missing Men
Something to Sing About | as Hank Meyers

Mad About Music | as Dusty Turner
Professor Beware | as Snoop Donlan
Sons of the Legion | as Uncle Willie Lee
Touchdown Army | as Jack Heffernan

Ambush | as Inspector J.L. Weber
Ex-Champ | as Mushy Harrington
Golden Gloves | as Emory Balzar
Grand Jury Streets | as Bright Eyes
Night Work | as Bruiser Brown
Persons in Hiding | as Alec Inglis
Rose Washington Square | as Harry Long
St. Louis Blues | as Maj. Martingale
Stop, Look and Love | as Joe Haller
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn | as The "Duke" Bilgewater

Dancing on a Dime | as Mac
One Night in the Tropics | as Roscoe
Opened by Mistake | as Matt Kingsley
Rhythm on the River | as Mr. Westlake
Sandy Gets Her Man | as Police Chief O'Hara
The Farmer's Daughter | as Scoop Trimble
The Quarterback | as Coach
Those Were the Days (uncredited) | as Prisoner
Untamed | as Les Woodbury

Blondie in Society | as Waldo Pincus
Cracked Nuts | as Mitchell
Footsteps in the Dark | as Hopkins
Public Enemies | as Bang
Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga | as Beheegan
The Bride Came C.O.D. | as Sheriff McGee

Gentleman Jim | as Billy Delaney
Give out, Sisters | as Harrison
It Happened in Flatbush | as Sam Sloan
Moonlight in Havana | as Barney Crane
Roxie Hart | as O'Malley
Treat'em Rough | as Hotfoot
Wildcat | as Oliver Westbrook

Larceny with Music | as Mike Simms
We've Never Been Licked | as Traveling Salesman
Whistling in Brooklyn | as Detective Ramsey

Donovan's Army | as Eddie Powers
Going My Way | as Max
Lake Placid Serenade | as Jiggers
Minstrel Man

Flame to barbary Coast | as Wolf Wylie
Hitchhike to Happiness | as Sandy Hill
Lady on a Train | as Police Sergeant

Crime Doctor's Man Hunt | as Inspector Harry B. Manning
Rendesvous with Annie | as General Trent
The Inner Cycle | as Det. Lt. Webb
The Virginian
Zeigfeld Fillies

Blondie's Anniversary | as Sharkey, the loan shark
Down to Earth | as Police Lieutenant
Hit Parade of 1947 | as Harry Holmes
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now | as Jim Mason
Miracle on 34th Street | as Charles Halloran
Monsieur Verdoux | as Jean La Salle
Mother Wore Tights | as Mr. Schneider
My Wild Irish Rose | as William Scanlon

Chicken Every Sunday | as George Kirby
Good Sam | as Tom
Joe Palooka in Winnder Take All | as Knobby Walsh
Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven | as Agent
The Babe Ruth Story | as Jack Dunn
The Girl from Manhattan | as Mr. Bernouti

East Side, West Side | as Bill the Bartender
Home in San Antone
Red Light | as Hotel Clerk
The Lady Takes a Sailor | as Oliver Harker
The Lone Wolf and His Lady | as Inspector Crane

Blondie's Hero | as Marty Greer
Kill the Umpire | as Jimmy O'Brien
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye | as Byers
Pretty Baby | as Corcoran

Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man | as Detective Roberts
Rhubarb | as Len Sickles
The Lemon Drop Kid | as Gloomy Willie

Rancho Notorious | as Baldy Gunder

1960 - 1965
My Three Sons (TV Series) | as William Michael Francis Aloisius ('Bub') O'Casey

Safe at Home | as Bill Turner

Notable TV Guest Appearances

Your Show Time
The Lady or the Tiger | Apr. 15, 1949

The Silver Theater
Papa Romani | Jan. 9, 1950
The First Hundred Years | May 1, 1950

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
The Comeback | Feb. 4, 1959
The Desilu Revue | Dec. 11, 1959

The Immovable Object | Apr. 16, 1962

The Lucille Ball Show
Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest | Oct. 25 1965

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